- This Event is no longer being held -

Reminiscences of Shipshewana is a day set aside on the third weekend of July to celebrate the memories of Shipshewana and of it’s area. Shipshewana was a logging and Farming town back in the late 1800`s and early 1900`s. You will see one of the largest old trade demonstrations of the early 1900`s in this area.


  This event is a place where the Younger and the Older generation connect. You will be able to see a Log being cut on an old sawmill that is powered by an old Steam Engine. The cut timber will then be cut into shingles that can be used for roofing. Or you can watch carpenters take the timber and hand build a mortise and tendon which would be pegged together as a joint to be part of a framed building. You will also see a blacksmith hammer hot forged steel into a shape of a nail or hinge that was used on a framed building. A coppersmith will be hand crafting a copper cup or a candle holder that was use in the early days of this area.

  Watch the Demonstration of a Wheel Wright build a wagon wheel with old hand tools. Or a weaver spinning or weaving wool, that was sheared off a sheep then crafted into a blanket. Watch how a table runner is made on a hand loom. A wood carver skillfully carving a wooden spoon on his bench. The sound of the old gas engines plowing a wheat field will bring back memories of the old Farming days. Watch wheat threshing as the threshing machine that is run by an old tractor will thresh the wheat, then also will bale the straw pile. There will be a display of old hand tools, Farm Equipment, and Oil Pull Tractors. Bring your children and grandchildren to share the stories of the past. Will also have old fashion games for the children to play with.

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