July 15, 12:30-8:00 & July 16, 9:00-4:00


Schedule of Events


12:15    Whistle blow for the start of event
12:30    Demo Start under the old trades tents
1:00   Saw Mill start cutting
2:00   Field plowing (behind ball field)
3:00   Wheat Threshing (behind ball Field)
    ( Home Made Ice Cream)
4:00   Copper Smith demonstration
4:00-8:00    Haystack meal sponspored by Shipshe View School
5:00 -6:00    Singing : Erv Troyer, Lester Shrock, group
6:15   Devon Miller M.A. , Dept of Anthropology in Michigan State
    University, sharing history & life style of the Pottawatomie Indians
7:00   Music/Singing
    Spark Show (behind ball field) will begin at dusk
9:00   Demonstration start under old trade tents
9:15   Saw Mill will be cutting logs & Blade Smithing demonstrations
10:00   Wheat Threshing, Straw Stack baling, many small engines demo
10:30   Old Timer Meeting: Host by Jerry Hostetler, share stories
12:00   Steam Whistle blows for lunch
1:00    Vintage Baseball Game (ball field)
1:00   Saw Mill finsh cutting logs
2:00   Wheat Threshing, Straw Stack baling
2:30   Field Plowing

Event Location: 2 blocks east of Main Street & Depot Street.



  Reminiscences of Shipshewana is a day set aside on the third weekend of July to celebrate the memories of Shipshewana and of it’s area. Shipshewana was a logging and Farming town back in the late 1800`s and early 1900`s. You will see one of the largest old trade demonstrations of the early 1900`s in this area.